Justin Timberlake’s musical hiatus, and subsequent foray into all things film lasted 7 years. And while the dancing falsetto star hasn’t given up on the big screen just yet, it’s the musical side to his career drawing focus at the moment. But is it doing so for the right reasons? Let’s take a look at the reviews for his latest album: The 20/20 Experience.

Well, the early reviews – and we must stress early – are looking good. Rolling Stone in particular enjoyed JT’s latest offering, saying: “The 20/20 Experience may test the patience of fans expecting immediate gratification. There are no songs as instantly infectious as "Like I Love You" or "SexyBack," nothing that cuts as deep as "Cry Me a River" or "My Love." But eventually the music sinks its teeth in, even on the wooziest songs.” Doesn’t sound like a wholly positive review, but they did give it 4/5 stars. “The closing "Blue Ocean Floor" has no beat as such, and not much of a melody – just stray percussion coloring a wash of psychedelic sounds,” adds their review.

Justin Timberlake - The 2013 Brit Awards at Brit Awards - London, United Kingdom

“Worth the seven-year wait?” Entertainment Weekly ask and their review would suggest it has been. “Even when Timberlake’s not singing his way through a big-screen drama on 20/20, the music has a cool, cinematic vibe. For that, he can thank his longtime collaborator Timbaland, who’s the main producer here,” goes their piece, which focuses heavily on his cinematic exploits.

The majority of opinion settles on this: he’s back. But many had decided that when he returned with Suit & Tie, alongside Jay-Z. You can make your own mind up, though, as JT is letting everyone have a listen to The 20/20 Experience via a stream, so goes he tweet.