As Justin Timberlake's second half of his two-part project, The 20/20 Experience 2 of 2, is released today (30th October) worldwide, all eyes are fixated on the charts to see whether 20/20 Pt. 2 will do as well as its March counterpart that still stands as the year's best-selling far.

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Justin Is Fast Becoming The Undisputed King Of Pop.


The pop star has ensured that the second half of his musical project this year stands a solid chance of beating its predecessor with a its two exciting singles released across the summer, 'Take Back The Night' and 'TKO.' The standard edition of The 20/20 Experience 2 Of 2 has 11 tracks wit collaborations from rappers Drake and Jay Z. Despite the rap guests, 2 of 2 is most certainly a pop album, in all its slickly produced songs and toe-tapping rhythms.

There have been few pop albums this year so direct and self-assured in their sound, bar perhaps Daft Punk. Timberlake has spent his post 'N Sync years honing his distinctive falsetto voice, the radio-ready melodies and the sexy, catchy lyrical style he so smoothly employs. Could 20/20 be the apex of the Timberlake brand? It was always going to be an ambitious decision to try to get two, full-length labums out within months of each other as well as organise a world tour but productive JT seems to have done just that and pulled it off without any compromise to his music.

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Will 20/20 Pt. 1's Success Be Topped?

Explaining to Ryan Seacrest the moods behind his project, Justin said "The songs that I released in March just reminded me of summertime a little bit more and the songs that are coming out this month felt a little darker so they made me feel like the fall/winter collection." Indeed, listeners of 2 of 2 will hear the darker, clubnight influence, not to mention half the songs sound like they've been lifted from the True Blood OST, with even 'True Blood' as a track name with wolf howl effects. 'Murder,' 'Drink You Away' and 'Amnesia' are further tracks with the vampiric influence.

Watch The 'Take Back The Night' Video:

Even music lovers who've traditionally rejected JT and his clean-cut sound and image will find that they linger a little longer before turning the album off or may even be converted. So what's Justin's secret chemical? How does his appeal manage to keep growing amongst all age groups?

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JT Prepares To Embark Upon A World Tour.

We can only assume it's his Madonna-like constant updating of his image and sound, riding the wave of cutting edge, yet mainstream pop. JT pushes the boundaries with new sounds and collaborators but not far enough that he falls off the charts. His nods to Michael Jackson are unmistakeable - the cackling on 'True Blood,' the 'Billie Jean'-style dancing in the 'Take Back The Night' music video: he has the moves but he's building the image slowly to avoid burning out or getting branded as a lame pastiche.

With a 'Part 3' looking unlikely, fans will have to await the next chapter of Timberlake sonic chemistry. JT's had his eyes checked in The 20/20 Experience, maybe blood pressure next: The 120/80 Experience anyone?