Jay Z (dude, even his publicist hasn’t used a hyphen since 2010, apparently) and Justin Timberlake’s collaboration makes for a powerhouse of a musical team and the Magna Carta stars did it once again with the first stop on their tour together. The musicians tag-teamed Toronto last night, performing a gig at the city’s Rogers Center. The performance before 45 000 people was an exercise in camaraderie, says Billboard’s review of the night – there was no one-upmanship, no competition between Jay Z and JT and the two fed off of each other and the crowd’s energy, instead of trying to outperform. The gig kicked off with a set by DJ Cassidy, who warmed up the crowd before handing it over to Jay and J for the first collab of the night – Holy Grail.

Justin Timberlake, Wireless
The performers prove time and time again that they make a great team.

The set included solo tracks by both artists – Justin’s Give It To Me and Rock Your Body both had their moments, as did Jay Z’s Big Pimpin, Hard Knock Life and other classics. But just to clear up any confusion about what the audience was getting, the show began, ended and was interspersed with collaborations throughout, showing that Justin’s tight vocals and even tighter choreography and Jay Z’s heavy attitude work wonders together.

Jay Z, Wireless
The pair tag-teamed Toronto and are moving on to American tour dates.

“You are making us feel right at home,” Jay Z soon told the fans. "We appreciate all your love. But I still think we’re at a seven. We can’t leave here with it being a 7 at the official start of the tour. We gotta turn it all the way up, not to 10, not to 20, not to 30, 40, 50, turn it all the way up to 99,” which they did and the fans were not disappointed. The tour’s upcoming stops include the Yankee Stadium in New York, Soldier Field in Chicago and Candlestick Park in San Francisco.

Jay Z, Justin Timberlake, Wireless
Next stop: Yankee Stadium.