Directed by ex-professional skateboarder Laban Pheidias, Justin Timberlake's Suit&Tie lyric video is no where near as good as it possibly could have been. 

"I've done quite a few lyric videos now and I've been trying to up the level each time, but this is the first one where you could take the lyrics out and have the story stand on its own," said Pheidias, 41, told MTV. The video doesn't seem to find the balance between the feel of smooth and slick, and clumsy and endearing. In black and white with JT dressed in his, you guessed it, suit and tie, we see him driving around before a few shot of him dancing, looking at a sheet of paper and playing with his glasses. One cute-ish feature is the under-use of animation which sees the jazz elements of the music be played out on screen. While this could have been a great part of the video, it seems to have been thrown in at the end, and there's no where near enough of it to make the animation feel like a seamless part of the video.

"My intention was to make this fully realized and a lot of it has to do with Justin," Pheidias goes on. "He pays attention to detail and him being so excited and passionate about the project was really good for me. I wanted this to be able to bridge that gap and go up against official videos." Pheidias, we're sure, is a good music video director, but with so much hype surrounding Justin Timberlake and everything he's doing at the moment, 'good' simply isn't good enough.

You might disagree with us, check out the video here and let us know in the comments below!