After six years offstage, Justin Timberlake is finally making the long anticipated move and returning to music. 

Everyone who has been holding their breath can now collectively exhale. In the past six years, Timberlake has grown his acting career with roles in blockbusters like The Social Network and Friends with Benefits, as well as frequent appearances on Saturday Night Live. In the video. in which he announces his triumphant return (seriously, it’s a big production, check out the dramatic, black and white video below), Justin talks about his creative process. He explains that, while “no one loves music more than him”, it takes the singer a while to get inspired and put out the best possible piece of work. That’s certainly true, if we look at Justin’s track record – just two solo albums in ten years.

However, his last studio release, Future Sex/Love Sounds garnered huge critical acclaim and was also a hit with fans, so now, after the long break, Timberlake certainly has some high expectations to live up to. Rumours have already started circulating and it looks like the singer will be collaborating with producer Timbaland again. Well, we know that partnership has worked well in the past. Looks like it won’t be too long of a wait, either. The singer’s revamped website now shows a countdown clock, due to hit zero on Monday. How dramatic! Justin certainly knows how to hype up his big return.