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Justin Timberlake Sexyback Single

You know what I really don't give a sh*t what anyone says Justin's debut album was a good mixture of quality and cross over R&B. When with N-Sync I thought "Girlfriend" was a classic R&B floor filler. As a solo artist "Rock Your Body" was a classic, yes it was accessible, but no more so than a Michael Jackson track when Jacko was at his quality music peak. In fact the Neptune's wrote "Rock Your Body" for Jacko when he didn't use it they gave it Mr Timberlake and the rest is History as they say.

I also don't give a sh*t about the hype behind this single, the fact that the industry will go "I don't believe he said that" or that some punters may not actually just be getting sucked in by the hype but actually like the record.

To me this record is about as interesting as watching paint dry, reality TV crap, or a nil - nil draw with no shots on goal at a football match. I kid ye not and it hurts me to say it, why, because I was really looking forward to the release of something new from JT.

Produced by Timbaland, someone that baring the odd blip has bored me shitless for years, musically there is no talent; anyone could do this with an Apple Mac and any music software. Vocally it is so tampered with that you can't even appreciate that JT can actually sing. I for one really hope that there is so much better to come from the album.


Label: Sony Bmg
Release Date: 28th August

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