Justin Theroux felt ''awkward'' wearing clothes on the set of 'Wanderlust'.

The actor - who plays bearded character Seth in the romantic comedy set on a nudist colony - admits he did not have too much interaction with genuine nudists on the film, but found when he did he felt more difficult than they did.

He said: ''There were only a couple days where we actually had the real nudists on set, and it was kind of weird. I actually thought it was going to be awkward for them, when we got there.

''They're nudists, so it's not awkward at all. It's actually more awkward when you're wearing clothing.''

Justin - who met now girlfriend Jennifer Aniston on the set of the movie - admitted he struggled with having long facial hair in the movie and often wanted to shave it off due to the heat.

He told Collider.com: ''After you've lived in Georgia in the summertime with a beard that big, it's a pain in the ass. I don't mind a little scruff, but it's like going to bed with a small animal, like a hamster, living on your face. There were definitely days I wanted to unhook it, but did not.''