Ok. Enough is enough. Whoever is playing with Justin Bieber’s puppet strings – you’re fired. Seriously. Put the soulless young man down and step away from the puppet theatre of pop. It’s not funny any more. You were pushing it with the Anne Frank stuff, but the ‘Justin Bieber and Belieber in bed’ cartoon is just a step too far. Sometimes it’s hard to know whether to feel sorry for Justin Bieber, or to lock him away in a darkened room until it’s safe for everyone for him to come out again.

Barely a day passes at the moment without Bieber doing something to upset someone, somewhere, or – more frequently – lots of people, everywhere. He’s been annoying the neighbours, he abandoned a monkey he tried to take through customs, he’s allegedly been smoking weed, he left a jaw-droppingly insensitive message in the guestbook at Anne Frank’s house. It’s all getting too much. His latest misdemeanour is to tweet a cartoon of a boy and a girl in bed together, The Sun reports and posted it to his Twitter page, prompting a flurry of excitable responses from aspirational Beliebers, wishing that the girl in the cartoon was, in fact one of them.

Given Justin’s fractious relationship with the public, of late, we’re not sure that posting a picture of a cartoon of him taking advantage of the fact that he has a thousand girls willing to act as his groupie for the evening is really the best path to take for smoothing over public relations.  

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber: pictured here onstage, 2013