Why did they split? Will they get back together? Are they or aren't they? These are the questions plaguing us about Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez and it seems no one, but the pair themselves- who aren't giving much away - definitively can answer us. 

The couple reportedly broke up a couple of weeks ago with tons of rumors circulating as to the cause, and it was only yesterday that reports were all over the internet that Selena was blocking all calls and communication from Biebz. However, now new reports from TMZ say the exact opposite and report that the pair have been seen together... kind of. Apparently, Bieber picked Selena up from LAX Airport and then drove over to her place, where they spent the night. The following day they made their way over to The Four Seasons Hotel, but went in at separate times, so no photos of them together. E! Also reports having seen the pair at a comedy club in LA- again entering the building separately, presumably to avoid having photos taken together. Smooth guys, real smooth.

Justin Bieber will be at the AMAs on November 18th, but Selena isn't expected to be there. He's been busy rehearsing all week for his performance there. Hopefully one of them will give SOME indication as to their relationship status some time soon. The suspense is killing us.