Justin Bieber arrested? Really? Yep, the superstar continues his 2014 rebellion with yet another run-in with the cops after being caught drink driving - and January's not even over! The teen star must be getting pretty chummy with the authorities these days having seen his second involvement with the police in less than a month.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez ride Segways
JB likes anything with wheels

The Miami Beach Police Department confirmed via Twitter that he was arrested after being caught drag-racing in a yellow Lamborghini through Miami Beach and failing an alcohol breathalyzer test around 4am today (January 23rd 2014). The person he was racing, driving a red Ferrari, was also arrested and recently identified as singer Khalil.

After the pair were hauled into the police station, Sergeant Bobby Hernandez told Associated Press that they will be sent to appear at Miami-Dade County jail facing charges for both offences. If charged, at 19-years-old, Bieber is likely to have his license suspended ('Thank the Lord!' I hear the pedestrians of America cry!) and could receive community service or a fine for the DUI crime, while the drag-racing may even result in jailtime. 

Justin Bieber live in Rio de Janeiro
Above the law?

Amazingly, this looks to be the first time Bieber has actually been arrested this year (amazing considering it's him, anyway), though he is still under scrutiny after his neighbours alleged that he caused thousands of dollars' worth of damage by unceremoniously egging their home. Police searched his home for evidence of wrongdoing and confiscated his phone, but no charges have been brought. Yet.

Let's hope, for the sake of the fans, Biebs isn't working on some important music project at the moment - I don't think even Beliebers will be impressed with their idol if he has to take time out for a jail stint.

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