Renowned Manchester club, Sankeys, refused Justin Bieber entry after the Canadian star had decided to let off steam in the northern city after the first night of his Manchurian leg of the Believe tour on Thursday night.

Sankeys has been around in various forms since 1994 and has a colourful history, but since it reopened in 2008 it has forged itself a good reputation, bringing the world's best DJs to Manchester and providing its punters with good, memorable and largely gimmick free nights. It's that last point that ended up meaning Bieber was turned away. The club tweeted and joked about it after:

Bieber wasn't too bothered it seems, having expressed love for Manchester via twitter as well. Last night her performed in Liverpool but as yet there have been no reports of refusing the young star entry. 

Justin Bieber performing in Manchester

Bieber doesn't just shuffle... he flies