It’s been a turbulent time recently for Justin Bieber, and the recent news of the death of a paparazzo photographer losing his life after chasing Justin’s Ferrari has understandably overshadowed the news that he has split, once more, from Selena Gomez. Fox News have reported that, despite heading to spend New Year’s together in Mexico, they suffered yet another fight and have decided to go their separate ways once more.

A source told Fox “The two of them flew to Mexico for New Year’s Eve, but had a blow-out argument on December 30 and broke up.” Selena reportedly left Mexico that same day, whilst Justin flew out to Los Angeles on 31st. The paparazzo that was killed on New Year’s Day reportedly rang his agency to say that he had a big Justin Bieber story, telling them “everybody thinks Justin and Selena are in Mexico but they’re not.” It looks as this may truly be the end for Jelena, whose on again, off again relationship could well have taken one knock too many.

Chris Guerra, the photographer that was killed after police asked him to move away from Justin’s Ferrari, had been following the car in an attempt to get a photo. He was struck by an oncoming car. Justin was not in the Ferrari at the time of the incident.