Justin Bieber is at it again. He seems to be following the formula for a Disney starlet meltdown, despite never actually being a Disney starlet. So what’s going on here? After partying with his crew earlier this week, more photos of the singer were released showing him in less than positive light. In the photos, Justin is rolling blunts with his friends Lil Za and Lil Twist, with whom he has previously been caught smoking.

Also present at the gathering was a large bottle of codeine (ala sizzurp, for those who are acquainted with the drug mainly from hip hop lore), as well as two sets of double cups, notoriously used for consuming sizzurp. While Justin is seen in the photos drinking from one of the cups, according to TMZ, there is no evidence that proves that he’d actually been sippin’ sizzurp. However, this is far from the first instance when he’s been caught smoking pot.

TMZ has quoted sources close to Bieber as saying that “Justin adamantly denies using the drug, but it's pretty obvious he smokes pot.” Obviously, everyone is up in arms about it, which raises the question: exactly how annoying is it to be a teenager under the spotlight? Very, apparently.