On again, off again, then back on… wait, which one is it currently? You never really know with Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, do you?

Suppose that’s what it’s like to be young and in love and also in the public eye. But there appears to be some evidence that the pair may be back on after their most recent split. Well, if you consider a pap shot and some rumors evidence, that is. The 20-year-old Gomez was reportedly seen leaving Justin’s Los Angeles home recently, according to E!Online. She was reportedly escorted by man, identified as Bieber’s bodyguard. Selena has been talking recently about how she’s doing alright post breakup, but could that just be a ruse? It seems possible. And with Justin’s recent antics – getting caught with all kinds of bad company with all kinds of illegal substances - it may have made him irresistible to the goody-goody Disney girl. Everyone likes a bad boy, right? Who knew that those words could ever be used to describe the freshly scrubbed 'Baby' singer.

So are they or aren’t they? Well, the evidence is inconclusive. Suppose we’ll have to wait until the next big event/award show/LA happening to know for sure. The only question is, will one of the two be putting an album or something out to justify all of this buzz?