TMZ have sourced photos of Justin Bieber partying and smoking pot, just one day after a paparazzo photographer was killed whilst trying to take photos of his Ferrari. His pal, Lil’ Twist was also at the party. The same pal who was at the wheel of Bieber’s car when the incident happened.

Before he was killed by an oncoming car whilst trying to get a snap of Justin’s Ferrari (which had been stopped by Highway Patrol), the photographer Chris Guerra had telephoned the agency that he worked for to tell them that he had spotted Justin Bieber smoking pot in his car. It was quite a scoop, given that everyone that everyone thought Justin was still in Mexico with Selena Gomez. Now, those claims of Justin smoking weed don’t seem like such an unlikely claim. There have been several stories about the supposedly squeaky-clean teen pop star indulging in unruly behaviour of late and now, there is photographic evidence to back it up, it seems.

The photos posted by TMZ show Justin in the hotel room where the party was being held, smoking a blunt before apparently chatting about how tired he was because he’d been staying up late, before talk turned to late night food joints… a cure for the munchies, perhaps. Apparently, a girl crashed in Justin’s room with him, too. And she wasn’t Selena Gomez. Things aren’t looking good for that squeaky-clean reputation right now.