ABC Family are developing a brand new sitcom and, if we don’t have your attention yet, this one will be based on Justin Bieber’s life.

The project is a reboot, TV Guide reports, after it was initially created as a multi-camera show by the network before the sitcom was dropped last year. Now it’s being developed as a single-camera show and may premiere on ABC as early as next season. We can already imagine the scores of excited teenage girls. The as-of-yet-unnamed show will focus on Justin’s early life, you know, that time before he was a multi-millionaire and a teen idol. It will centre on the time when he lived with his mother and grandparents and the protagonist is described as “a teenage musical prodigy.” A bit ambitious maybe, but hey, who are we to argue with the Biebs?

JB will be credited as executive producer along with his manager, Scooter Brown. Entourage’s Matt Wolpert and Ben Nedivi have been enlisted to write the show, which is an interesting choice for the clean-cut family affair we’re imagining. Bieber has worked in TV before, having appeared on an episode of crime drama CSI, as well as hosting MTV’s Punk'd. Both of those have done quite well, so maybe there are big things in the future of the JB sitcom.