Many people find Justin Bieber enormously irritating, but to resort to murder is a step too far. However, Dana Martin, already a convicted rapist and murderer had planned to orchestrate just that, reports KRQE News. 

The details are gruesome so if you're at all squeamish, prepare yourself. Dana Martin is currently serving two life sentences for raping and killing a 15 year old girl in 2000. While in jail in New Mexico, where he still resides, he met Mark Staake. Martin convinced his fellow inmate to murder Justin Bieber and his bodyguard, plus two other acquaintances that Martin had prior to being convicted, when he got out of jail. Staake then recruited his nephew, Tanner Ruane.

Their plan was to strangle Bieber and the others with 'paisley' ties, and subsequently castrate them. According to KRQE News, Martin has a tattoo of Bieber because despite wanting him murdered, he's completely obsessed. Staake was arrested for other crimes, but Martin strangely chose to give the jig up which meant Ruane was then monitored. Phone calls were recorded from Ruane to Martin in which the former says he's disappointed about the failed plan. When the police arrested him he was in possession of 'murder tools' including pruning sheers.

There has, as yet, been no word from Bieber or his representatives, but this shows what a dangerous occupation being a celebrity is. We sincerely hope this is the only murder plot against Bieber... or anyone else for that matter.