Justin Bieber’s becoming all too used to contact with the law, but this latest incident seems a little harsh on the 18 year-old, we have to admit.

Last year the pop star was having skirmishes with paparazzi and being pulled over for dodgy driving. So what’s his latest crime? Shooting someone… with a Nerf gun. If you aren’t aware of what one of those are, they’re child-friendly toys that shoot out soft foamy bullets which, if you’re hit squarely with one, might cause a few hairs to ripple out of place. Unfortunately a female employee at a venue in Ottowa, where Bieber was playing, didn’t find them quite as harmless. According to TMZ, the star was playing around with his three year-old brother and four year-old sister with the toys when one of the bullets hit the woman.

Enraged, she apparently told Bieber that she was a security worker at the venue and wasn’t impressed. She’s certainly proved that too, with a police report having been field which – unbelievably – is apparently being taken so seriously by the police that others at the venue have reportedly already been interviewed over the incident. We can understand her annoyance – no one likes being hit with things, of any matter – but taking it to the authorities seems like a ridiculous step. We’re pretty sure Bieber’s team have this one covered.

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