Justin Bieber's pastor is adamant the troubled pop star is making good progress as he attempts to turn his life around amid news he is a wanted man in Argentina.

The Baby singer, who has endured a slew of legal problems over the past year, is wanted for questioning in Argentina in connection with an alleged attack on a local photographer in Buenos Aires last year (13) and he has 60 days to turn himself over to authorities.

His pastor, Carl Lentz, has spoken out amid the latest headline-grabbing furore to insist the 20 year old is making good progress with his spiritual guidance.

Lentz tells the New York Post, "I remember (when I first met him) just looking at him and going, 'This is going to be a challenge'... And that day being like, 'I'm going to pray for this boy to make it'... I have a special role in Justin's life, spiritually, but... I'm not a life-motivational guy... We're talking about making sure his life remains a blessing, not a burden... He's on a journey. If he's not doing good, should we abandon him?"