Justin Bieber has had a turbulent visit to The U.K, and it seems his nearly violent run-in with the London paparazzi was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

He doesn’t want to come back, ever. A two-hour delay to his 02 gig didn’t help, and neither did the legion of angry parents, furious that they had to leave to catch the last train home, and endure their kids could get up for school the next morning. “I’m never coming back here,” screamed Biebz to his driver after the photographer swore at him and told him to go back to America, possibly forgetting Bieber’s actually Canadian. This also culminated in his missing a scheduled performance on ITV’s Saturday Night Takeaway – presented by British entertainment stalwarts, Ant and Dec. Their tiny counterparts – ‘little Ant & Dec’ were supposed to interview Justin, but he didn’t turn up, citing “other commitments” as the reason. Little Justin Bieber had to explain the news to Little Ant & Dec, but they interviewed big Russell Brand instead, and he taught them a big word. An ITV spokesman said: “Justin was keen to speak to Little Ant and Dec but sadly his commitments meant he was unavailable.”

Justin Beiber at GreenwichA humble Justin Bieber performing at The 02

Bieber also managed to disappoint a young fan that paid £330 to meet her idol, as he arrived three hours late for the 02 meet & greet session. And even when he arrived, she only saw him for fifteen seconds.