Justin Bieber loves smelling girls who wear his fragrance.

The 19-year-old singer enjoys sniffing women who have sprayed some of his The Key scent on them and admits he always remembers females who smell great over those who don't.

He said: ''I like my scents on girls. When a girl smells great, you remember it. Being memorable is always a good thing.

''Scent is definitely something that sticks in my memory.

''There are certain smells - trees, plants, foods - that just remind me of being home in Stratford [Canada]. They sneak up on me - just smells that are tied to memories.''

Justin insists he was very much involved in the design process of The Key, which is packaged in a white and purple box featuring several images of gold keys, while the bottle features a gold lock and key.

He told Top of the Pops magazine: ''The white, the matte, the gold - it all comes from the wardrobe on my tour and my album packaging.

''I think the bottle is a good representation of where I am at the moment.''