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Justin..you will never be another Michael Jackson...NO ONE could ever top Michael in any way! If he inspired you....great....but don't waste your time comparing yourself to him...because there is NO comparison. Michael Jackson was and still is PERFECTION!!!!!

Posted 3 years 1 month ago by rockin robin

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A.... SHUT UP! Billie Jean alone is an authentic artwork, not to mention the entire UNmatched Michael Jackson's music. NO comparision OF COURSE! Michael Jackson the BEST!

Posted 3 years 1 month ago by jo98b

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You know, I really wish Justin Beiber would STOP trying so hard to be Michael Jackson. There was only 1 Michael Jackson... never to be repeated in THIS lifetime. Michael was his own person. Now it's time for Justin to be his own person. And as for the song itself, I'm really getting sick & tired of hearing every few months The Beib keep going on & on about this. Hey Justin... do you think you were the ONLY young man to be publicly falsely accused of knocking some girl up? NO! It happens 20 times a day in the 'hood. Hell... it's happening right now as I finish this sentence. You're not the only one, so get the f*** over it!

Posted 3 years 1 month ago by Lady Robyn

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I am really getting a little sick of this kid.There is not one thing in his life that he won't try to use a Michael Jackson comparison of some sort. Oh,Michael was MY idol, oh, I want to be the next Michael Jackson, every song HE does is done because it reminds HIM of when Michael was younger or it's how Michael did it or how HE wants to work just as hard, so HE can be just like Michael, now Billie Jean inspired a song of HIS about a crazy women's lying on him. Well, I get what he's attempting to do, but he's well known enough now to start his own stories and stop using Michael Jackson's life as if it's equal to his. And that goes for all the rest of them too! There was ONLY ONE MICHAEL JACKSON SO GET YOUR OWN LIFE!!!

Posted 3 years 1 month ago by YANNI54

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