Justin Bieber 's latest music video, for the track 'Girlfriend' premiered on MTV last night and seems to be showing a new Bieber unleashing his inner sex-god. Up until now, Justin's kept it pretty innocent but 'Boyfriend' sees him getting into some pretty smouldering situations with the video's Selena Gomez lookalike. It looks like Bieber's really come of age now that he's turned 18.
Justin received an electric car for his 18th birthday, but it wasn't the one that he can be seen apparently spinning round in Los Angeles, in the video (though we expect he may have had a stunt driver for those scenes). 'Boyfriend' features Justin rapping about what he would do if he was the girl's boyfriend though, to be fair he's keeping that pretty clean at this juncture; unless, of course, there's some hidden meaning in all this talk of Buzz Lightyear and fondues.
'Boyfriend' is the debut single from Justin's forthcoming album 'Believe,' due for release on June 19. It apparently includes a song about Mariah Yeater, the woman who claimed that Bieber had fathered her child, according to LA Times. Justin refers to Mariah as 'his Billie Jean,' and allusion to the Michael Jackson song of the same name. Bieber even tries to knock out some classic Jackson dance moves in the 'Boyfriend' video as part of the 'LA rooftop party- scenes, though it has to be said, he hasn't quite got Jacko's technique down.