Justin Bieber has never rebelled against his parents.

The 18-year-old singer says he still listens to exactly what his mum and dad tell him but knows if he didn't want to do something he no longer has to obey them.

He said: ''I am a man now. I've become more mature and a whole lot more grown up. I am an adult now, and that gives me more freedom. I don't have to listen to what my parents tell me anymore.

''But I still obey my parents. But I don't have to. I could shock them, too. If I really wanted to do something that they would not agree with, then I could do that now. Somehow that's reassuring.''

The 'Boyfriend' singer also revealed how he is learning to deal with his millions of fans all over the world.

He said: ''It's crazy that fans start crying when they hear a song like 'Believe'. But at the same, I've written the song for them to react emotionally. Do I sometimes fear the fans? There are situations that are overwhelming. But you get used to it and usually I know what to do.''