Justin Bieber will sue guests $5 million if they spill secrets about his parties.

The 'Beauty and a Beat' hitmaker is making everyone sign a document before they enter his Calabasas home in California that forbids them from posting any information about the antics that go on inside the property on social networking sites. If they break this agreement they will be liable to pay damages.

According to TMZ, the 19-year-old pop superstar has made sure the legal document highlights that no one can gossip about the ''physical health, or the philosophical, spiritual or other views or characteristics'' of any of the party goers.

Guests are pre-warned that taking part in activities in the $6.5 million mansion could pose ''potentially hazardous and you should not participate unless you are medically able and properly trained otherwise they could face ''minor injuries to catastrophic injuries, including death''.

The teenage heartthrob is believed to have made the decision to draw up the legal documentation after his rapper pal Lil' Twist arranged a party at Justin's pad and invited around 40 people while the 'Baby' singer was millions of miles away on his 'Believe Tour'.

The practice is something that is widely carried out among celebrities in the US to protect the privacy of their homes.