The news that Justin Bieber will not be charged for battery assault will be music to the ears of, well... Justin Bieber. TMZ have the scoop, and it appears the Bieb has one less thing to worry about.

We better head back in time, as so much as happened in the world of Bieber, you might have forgotten what this was all about. It was a summer's day in Calabasas, where Justin lives; a paparazzo attempted to take Justin's picture and, according to law enforcement, some sort of physical altercation erupted between Justin and the camera guy, who subsequently called the cops on the Baby hitmaker. The photographer later complained of chest pains, this all according to TMZ, and the cops investigated the matter misdemeanor battery, wishing to speak Justin, his then girlfriend Selena Gomez, and any other witnesses that could shed light on the altercation. Today, though, it has been reveleaed that L.A. County D.A. will not file criminal charges, because of conflicting witness accounts and an overall lack of evidence. You lucky boy, Justin. 

It's been a busy month for the heartthrob. He was in trouble with the cops again after a minor traffic violation in an expensive sports car, and he split up with Selena Gomez, although the pair were seen together at The American Music, fuelling speculation that their relationship is far from over.