Detectives investigating an alleged altercation between Justin Bieber and a Los Angeles photographer at a Calabasas shopping mall on Sunday (May 27, 2012) have urged witnesses to come forward. The incident occurred in a public area, so officials suggest somebody must have seen the ruckus.
Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department captain Mike Parker said, "We would like to talk to all potential witnesses". Anybody with information should contact detectives on (818) 878-1808. Police are investigating claims by the photographer that Bieber struck him after he snapped photographs of the singer and his girlfriend Selena Gomez at the Calabasas Shopping Center. The photographer complained of pains, and was taken by the Los Angeles County Fire Department to a nearby hospital, according to the Los Angeles Times. A spokesperson for Bieber is yet to make an official statement on the incident, and it appears as though the singer has left the country, tweeting to his followers on Monday, "Ok. going to board. Off To Europe! Phase 1 of operation secret concerts! lol. Oslo first stop. See u soon.".
Sources who spoke to claimed the alleged victim had blocked Bieber's car into a parking space. When the singer climbed out of his vehicle, an altercation ensued, with Gomez also getting out of the car to calm things down.