Justin Bieber looks set to embark on an acting career one day judging by his impressive performance on his new video for song 'As Long As You Love Me'.
So Biebs can belt some hit tunes like Madonna, move his feet like his idol Michael Jackson and flip his hair like Britney (at least, he could before he cut it) and now he looks to be showing off his silver screen skills with his new video that could make him the next Brad Pitt. In the clip he sports some pretty serious looking cuts and bruises after getting beaten to dizziness by 'Reservoir Dogs' star Michael Madsen, who plays his girlfriend's overly protective and pugnacious father, after ignoring his orders and continuing to date his daughter. The video also features a rap by Big Sean and a dance troupe - girls, fights, rappers. Bieber wants to prove to everyone that he's grown up now he's hit 18.
It isn't Bieber's only acting stint either, as many Beliebers will be aware. In 2010 and 2011 he starred as the troubled teen Jason MCCann in two episodes of crime drama 'CSI: Crime Scene Investigation'. The second episode caused an outbreak of hyperventilation for many fans as his role was cut short when he was shot repeatedly in the chest by police officers. He doesn't seem to be getting the best onscreen roles, does he?