Justin Bieber held back a bad stomach illness that saw him vomit whilst on stage, to battle through a set in Arizona, reports the Toronto Star. Say what you will about the teen singing sensation's music, but there was little denying his commitment and willingness to give his fans a show at all costs over the weekend, as a visibly ill Bieber managed to come through his entire set despite vomiting twice on stage, the incident causing him to leave the stage for several minutes at a time.

The crowd were wholly supportive, if perhaps a little grossed out, of the 18 year-old, and cheered him supportively throughout. "Right now this is really hard because I'm feeling really sick," Bieber told his audience. "It's not a great feeling when you're throwing up in front of a bunch of people. But you know, I feel comfortable enough with you, that I can be myself and you don't judge me."

There were 18,000 people in to see Bieber perform, but he ran into trouble upon the ballad Beautiful, performed as a duet with Carly Rae Jepsen. Running off to vomit, he returned to make it into a crane that extended over the crowd for two more ballads. He threw up again during hit Never Say Never, but then pledged to give the crowd the best gig of their life, and managed to power through the rest untroubled.