FINALLY, there's some good news for Justin Bieber. His Twitter account has become the most followed account in the world, and if you don't think that's good news, then you're probably more sane that us.

Last March was the last time a star was able to celebrate Twitter fame, with Lady GaGa standing proudly at the 20 million mark, and Bieber lounging behind on a  rather embarrassing 18 million. It was time for Biebz to think fast and get his twitter act together, and in 140 characters or less! 10,000 followers separated the pair yesterday afternoon (Tuesday, Jan 22), which is a tiny, puny amount considering they were both in the 33 million ballpark. But it was enough for Justin to be crowned King of the Twitterverse, with Gaga sobbing into her now defunct Queen's outfit. At the time of writing this, Bieber has 33,359,963 eager followers, hanging onto his every tweet, while Gaga has 33,344,963. Katy Perry comes third in the list. She has 31,504,448 followers, but then again, she only follows 118 people, as opposed to the six-figures followed by Bieber and Gaga. 

Topping the twitter charts will come as a welcome distraction for Bieber, as he's come under fire recently for (allegedly) smoking weed, the perverse #cut4beiber trend and the death of a paparazzo following his car.