British fans of Justin Bieber will be distraught to hear that the teen singer spent his 'worst Birthday' in London this year. Turning 19 is rarely a big occasion in comparison to either 18th or 21st birthdays, but it should never be the worst one. Nevertheless, having been bombarded by fans, his tour bus going the wrong way in London and finally being kicked out of another club in the UK, Bieber's patience had reached its limit.

As the Mirror reports, Biebz was celebrating his 19th birthday in London, first by taking his apparent new beau Ella-Paige Roberts to dinner at Mint Leaf, followed by a planned circus themed night out at Soho's Cirque du Soir. 

Justin Bieber's friend Ella-Paige Roberts

Bieber dined with his beautiful new beau, Ella-Paige Roberts 

However, he and his entourage were there for only 5 minutes before being removed from the venue for fairly contentious reasons. The club left a statement saying: "Justin Bieber celebrated his birthday in Cirque du Soir with his new flame, British singer and model Ella-Paige Roberts Clarke, when arriving at the club the complete Bieber camp smelled very heavy of weed... A confrontation happened with the entourage and security and then everyone from the Bieber crew left." 

Justin Bieber's fans in London

Bieber travelling anywhere can be difficult due to his dedicated fans

A source close to Bieber further explained the singer's disappointment, telling the Sun:

"Justin was hoping for a really fun night, he is on tour in England and he loves it here. Unfortunately, it didn't go quite as planned for him which was upsetting."

Justin Bieber concert UK

Bieber has four more dates of his Believe Tour to perform in London

All of this came as extra bad news after the disturbing reactions of his fans last time photos were released of him smoking week. Luckily, the reverse happened with his fans instead spreading #operationmakebiebersmile. Which worked.