Earlier this week FaceBook announced that it's image sharing app Instagram had an all new feature to it; that you can record videos of yourself and post them on to your feed. One of the first to try out the little innovation was Justin Bieber, but because it was Justin Bieber there was always going to be some controversy to follow, this time; drugs.

In the video the Biebs appears topless, with a silver chain and a back baseball cap on backwards and begins speaking a little incoherently before bursting into laughter. With voices heard in the background, he begins the video by saying "so, crazy news guys! There is video on Instagram," and it's at that point he breaks down laughing for the rest of the 15-second video. Either we just didn't get his joke at all or he was high on something.

Immediately after the video was posted, a number of fans were convinced that Justin was on something, with Twitter, FaceBook and the like becoming inundated with posts claiming that the singer was high in the video clip. As you can probably imagine, Justin hasn't commented on the video yet, and we're betting that things stay this way too.

It's been a busy week for Justin, after being involved in a potential hit-and-run with a paparazzi earlier this week, announcing plans to release a new movie and spending eight hours waiting for his monkey before boarding a plane in Miami (yes, you read that right), so maybe Justin was jsut letting off some steam and who can dey him that. He is a teenager after all, so what do people expect when he posts stupid videos of himself getting high (or not getting high).

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Justin hasn't commented on the video

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Its been a busy few weeks for Bieber