Justin Bieber is "too humble" to give advice to his support band, The Wanted.

'Never Say Never' singer Justin has been joined by the British boy band on a number of dates in the US, but despite being the biggest teen star in the world, they say he never displays any ego.

Singer Max George told MTV: "He's not someone that really gives advice. I think he's too humble for that, in that way.

"I think he just appreciates what happens to him rather than thinks he's God.

"So, I mean, we don't really talk music. When we speak to him, it's more we talk about football or basketball."

Max's bandmate, Jay McGuiness, added in the three years they have been together, the 'Glad You Came' group - which also includes Siva Kaneswaran, Tom Parker and Nathan Sykes - have developed their own style as a group, which is completely different to Justin's.

He said: "I think he knows that we know how to do what we want to do in the same way that we could never tell him how to do what he does, because he does it a lot better than we ever could."