Following his recent arrest for drag racing his Lamborghini around Miami whilst (allegedly) under the influence of marijuana and a beer, Justin Bieber was forced to have his various tattoos photographed by police. We assume that they were used to check his identity, but let’s be honest guys, what other 20 year old wearing baggy jeans and sporting a bouffant would possibly have access to a $250,000 sports car which he assumed would be OK to race through the streets after spending the day smoking a few spliffs?

justin bieber tattoosBieber has a range of tattoos up his arm, commonly called a 'sleeve'

The Biebs tattoos were revealed to be a crown (maybe this tat might be something to do with his belief that he is pop royalty?), Roman numerals, a treble clef behind his left ear, a native Indian head including full tribal headdress on his back, a rather sinister looking jester on his forearm next to the word ‘Love’ (is Bieber making a point that love is a bit of a joke? Perhaps this cynicism has something to do with his split from Selena Gomez?) and a biblical quote from Psalm 119:105. The quote reads “Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path”. Later on in Psalms we believe it also says “Thou shalt not indulge in the leaf of cannabis before entering thy very expensive chariot” - or did we imagine that one? There’s gotta be something about not drag racing Lamborghinis in there, although it was probably left out due to it being common sense and courtesy to other drivers.

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Bieber’s biblical tattoo isn’t his only religious inking, the Baby singer also had an interpretation of Jesus Christ on the back of his calf. Other tattoos include an eye, a sabre-tooth tiger and ‘Believe‘, which was the name of one of his albums.

Justin isn’t the only pop star who has covered himself in tattoos since first becoming famous. One Direction singer Harry Styles also started out pretty bare in the early days of his career while these days his tattoo collection is one of his defining features. Tattoos are definitely the in-thing with pop stars these days and it’s not just the male ones who are covered in them. Rihanna also hosts a wealth of tats all over her body, including Henna style tattoos on her hands, an Egyptian style tattoo just underneath her breasts, a sprinkling of stars across her back and the words “Never a failure, always a lesson” on her chest, which is her personal motto.

rihanna tattoosRihanna is also a fan of getting inked

Are you a fan of seeing your favourite stars covered in ink, or do you think it can be a bad influence which encourages children to go out and get tattooed to look like their idols?