Justin Bieber is slowly edging his way towards a bad boy reputation. He’s had ‘cute kid’, ‘worldwide star’ and ‘spoilt brat’; but what happens when you mix all of those up? ‘Bad boy’, we reckon. His latest stunt involves a needle.

Thankfully, Bieber hasn’t delved into the world of hard drugs, but he has started scarring people for life, and not just with his music. He’s been tattooing people; it’s been caught on camera, and now he’s left answering claims it was done illegally. Celebrity tattoo artist Bang Bang insisted that JB be on the other side of the needle, and give him a tattoo. I’m like a needy fan, I want a 30-minute autograph,” Bang Bang told Celebuzz. “That was his design. It was anything he wanted. It’s his cartoon character. It might be the only thing he knows how to draw,” the famous tattoo man said with a laugh. “It’s kinda my thing, I’m always asking celebrities to tattoo me.” But was it an illegal tattoo, considering the young pop star has no license? “There are people in New York with a tattoo license that don’t know their a** from their elbow," Bang Bang said in response to reports Biebs did it illegally. "He did the tattoo under the supervision of a very capable teacher… me."

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Bieber started getting tattoos a while ago, but his actions recently have added to the breakdown of public opinion more than any ink. He’s showing up late for gigs, trying to hit photographers and releasing weird statements. It looks like we’re set for an almighty breakdown.