The Justin Bieber show continues. Bieber’s tour troubles just can’t seem to come to an end and his latest stunt in Sweden has once again landed the Boyfriend singer in trouble. This time, the Biebs got his tour bus raided by Swedish police officers, after they received complaints about pot smoke coming out of the vehicle. Well, it wouldn’t be the last time the teen pop sensation has been caught lighting up and, let’s face it, it probably won’t be the last.

Ok, so he wasn’t technically lighting up at the time. The cops raided the 19-year-old singer’s tour bus, while he was off on performing duties (that’s not a euphemism, Justin was having a concert at Stockholm’s Globe Arena), reported the Associated Press. And the cops didn’t walk off empty handed – marijuana was indeed found on the bus, along with a stun gun. We’ll leave to your imagination the question of what exactly Justin and his crew wanted with a stun gun.

However, even with all the loot, booty, evidence or whatever the correct term is these days, the police didn’t make any arrests, because there was no one on the tour bus at the time of the raid. Justin Bieber seems to have an endless supply of luck on his side lately.

Justin Bieber, Arnhem, Netherlands
Justin's squeaky clean image is long gone, but at least he's still making the fangirls happy.