Just when you think Justin Bieber may be taking a break from behaving badly and possibly starting the New Year as it means to go on, reports appear claiming Bieber has gone on vandalism spree.

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber is a named suspect in LAPD investigations into vandalism. 

An incident occurred around 7.30pm on Thursday (9th January) when a house in Calabasas was repeatedly pelted by eggs allegedly thrown by Bieber. The homeowner caught Bieber in the act and, as one of his neighbours, claims to have had disputes with Bieber before. 

In footage obtained by TMZ it is possible to hear the conversation between Bieber and his neighbour. The neighbour shouts "I see you, I f**king see you!" Bieber, seemingly unaware he is being recorded or that his act is a criminal offence, sensibly replies with "F**k you! I got another one for you actually!" The shouting continues with the neighbour sarcastically adding "You're a big f**king man aren't you?" During the course of the video the neighbour's young daughter can be heard calling the police. 

Watch the footage obtained by TMZ - Warning contains strong language:

The police arrived shortly after the call was placed and noted down the neighbour's complaints including that damage to his property, over $400 worth, had been sustained and over 20 eggs thrown at his house. Bieber is currently being investigated by police. Lieutenant Jennifer Barsh of the LAPD told People the incident is "currently under investigation and [Justin Bieber] is a named suspect." 

justin bieber
Bieber allegedly egged his neighbour's house in Los Angeles.