Justin Bieber is "shocked" Selena Gomez agreed to go out with him.

The 'Baby' hitmaker - who confirmed in March he was dating the 19-year-old star - admits he was surprised she agreed to date him because of how good looking she is.

Asked how he managed to get with her on the 'Mike Missanelli Show' on Fanatic FM in the US, he joked: "I was pretty shocked myself. She's very beautiful. We started as friends like two years ago, so we've been friends for a long time, so that's pretty much kind of how it started."

However, the 17-year-old heartthrob reveals their relationship started unusually.

He added: "I had a girlfriend when Selena was my friend. I think we should be talking about sports."

In August it was reported Selena had become angry with Justin after he begun hanging around with bad boy friends including Sean Kingston - who was a former child burglar - and ex-convict Lil Wayne.

A friend of Selena's said: "Selena told him to stop hanging with these bad people. She didn't want him to crash her gig."

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