It's hard to understand exactly how Justin Bieber found time to study for high school, during the last few years. Still, the 'Believe' singer has just received his high school graduation certificate. So it seems that somehow, in between recording hit singles, touring the world and insulting British TV and radio presenters, Bieber's done a little learning, too.
The Guardian reported yesterday (July 2, 2012) that the teenage pop sensation was one of 192 students at St. Michael Catholic Secondary School in Stratford to graduate this year. The commencement ceremony took place last Thursday (June 28, 2012) but Bieber chose not to celebrate with his classmates, though his name was still included in the programme. Dan Parr, the superintendent of the local school board told the press that the singer "chose to keep aspects of his education quiet" whilst the school's headteacher said "We are very proud of Justin and all of the other 192 graduates of St Michael school." It's not yet known whether or not Bieber intends to attend university. If he does, it surely won't be in the near future as he's just announced further tour dates in the UK for early 2013.
Yesterday, Bieber didn't seem to concerned with the news of his graduation, deciding instead to reflect on his achievements in the world of social media. On his Twitter page, he posted a message that read "From a town of 30,000," he wrote, "On my 18th bday we hit 18 Million . and now 4 months later we are at 24 Million Beliebers!!!"