Should we really care that Justin Bieber (allegedly) likes a little joint now and again? We don't condone it kids, but the photographic evidence provided by this week suggests we're gonna have to accept that little old Biebs likes to wind down with a cheeky smoke.

The photograph has been doing the rounds on social media for the past couple of days and it shows someone who looks a lot like Bieber holding what appears to be a massive joint next to someone who looks a lot like Ariana Grande. She's been in the news this week after her ex-boyfriend Jai Brooks claimed she had cheated on him with some bloke from The Wanted. Sex, drugs and rock n roll huh?

This isn't a new phenomenon. Bieber was photographed back in January at the Newport Beach party holding what looked to be a joint. 

Sources close to both Justin and Ariana claim the girl in the latest photograph is not the The Way singer and that the picture was photo-shopped to look like Bieber was lighting up a joint. TMZ's art department beg to differ, saying the light source seems consistent and that any indictors of a doctored photo are completely non-existent.

Miley Cyrus isn't doing her pop-buddy any favors either, recently tweeting a picture of herself wearing a vest emblazoned with the words REEFA FEVER and a mocked up image of Justin Bieber smoking a joint in the middle. 

Justin Bieber released his moody new single Heartbreaker earlier this week. It is part of the singer's 'Music Mondays' campaign in which the Biebs will feature one new song every week for 10 straight weeks.

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