Justin Bieber certainly appears to be swapping and changing his look at the moment, and he debuted a new dyed black hairstyle earlier this week. The news wouldn't seem so surprising, had it not been for the fact that Justin has now dramatically changed his hair twice in the space of a week.
Last week, the 17-year-old caused a stir by revealing a longer lighter colored style that some commentators humorously compared to Donald Trump's old fashioned cut. The criticism appears to have gotten through to the Baby hit-maker, who reached for the scissors and the bottle of dye and transformed his hair into a much neater style. Justin was snapped with the jet-black hair while leaving an Nfl game day viewing party in Sherman Oaks, California, with his girlfriend Selena Gomez on Sunday (15 January 2012). In fact, Selena herself was debuting a new style, complete with a touch of color. The Disney star has opted for her usual wavy brown curls, but added some edgy bright purple and blue highlights - she received positive feedback after posting images to followers on Twitter.
Bieber's ever-changing hairstyle is always sure to cause a stir amongst his many followers. Last year, when he shaved off his famous locks, his hairstylist Vanessa Price told MTV News, "We knew it was going to be a big deal.We knew it was going to shock fans, but we also knew it was going to be a change in terms of growing up. I think that's something that people adjust to".