Justin Bieber arrived separately from his girlfriend Selena Gomez at the ESPY awards earlier this week, and although the couple are still tight, Justin Bieber wasn't about to start being shy around the large number of female celebrities that wanted his attention. The Los Angeles Times reported that although he was caught canoodling with Gomez in the audience, he was also seen laughing and joking with beautiful racing driver and co-host Danica Patrick backstage, and also embraced Olympic downhill skier LINDSAY VONN, after she picked up the gong for top female Olympic athlete.

However, Bieber was for once not the major talking point at a celebrity event, following the appearance of Superbad funny-man Jonah Hill, sporting an amazing new slimmed-down figure. Hill revealed to the Los Angeles Times that he had hired a nutritionist and changed his eating habits because he ".thought it was important to be healthier." He went on to say: "I wouldn't say it's the most fun endeavor I've ever took on in my life -- but it's important. And I'm enjoying it. If I eat something unhealthy now, I kind of feel a little weird and my body hurts." He may never challenge Justin Bieber in the teen heartthrob stakes, but who's to say that Jonah Hill won't be a leading man in Hollywood this time next year?