Following the publicity stunt from Justin Bieber yesterday - when it was 'revealed' that he had had his laptop and camera stolen and the antagonist was threatening to leak all the goods on the web, only for it to turn out being a rouse to whip up publicity for his new video 'Beauty and the Beat' - it now turns out that a laptop belonging to Bieber really was stolen. Frankly, we don't know whether to take it serious or not.

According to Bieber's tour manager, Josh Williams, he filed a report with the Tacoma Police Department yesterday (October 12t), claiming that after searching the back stage area after a show for some time, the laptop was nowhere to be seen. Whether or not this is fact or fiction, you can bet that people won't be taking this claim as seriously as the last, but that's what you get for crying wolf.

Questions were first raised about the authenticity of the theft when Nicki Minaj, who features on the new track with Biebs, posted a comment on her Twitter on Thursday (Oct. 11th) about a surprise coming the next day, which was then retweeted by Bieber. With the claim looking less likely as the day went on, few were expecting a genuine leaking of Justin's private life (and private parts) at noon yesterday, and it turned out the doubt was well placed.

Whether or not this latest claim is a PR stunt or not will have to be seen, but we wouldn't get our hopes up.