A photographer who is suing Justin Bieber over an alleged attack in Miami, Florida earlier this year (13) has accused the singer's rap pal Lil Za of threatening him during the incident.

Paparazzo Jeffrey Binion filed suit against the superstar and one of his bodyguards amid claims of violence during a confrontation back in June (13), after he was spotted snapping pictures of the 19 year old outside a recording studio.

Binion recently sat for a deposition and during his testimony, claimed Lil Za and another friend, Lil Twist, also played a part in the clash.

The snapper alleges Za initially demanded the photographer hand over his camera, and when he refused, the youngster threatened to break it and then became physical as he tried to grab it out of Binion's hands, with Twist openly encouraging the behaviour, according to Tmz.com.

The bodyguard then stepped in and reportedly choked Binion as he forced him to delete the images.

Bieber is due to share his side of the story in a deposition next month (Jan14). His lawyers have already filed a court request to have his evidence sealed and not be made public.

Lil Twist is no stranger to the headlines - the rapper was arrested in July (13) on suspicion of driving Bieber's Ferrari while under the influence, and he was also named in a battery report amid allegations he was involved in a spat during a party at the superstar's California home.