Jordan Ozuna, the young blonde Justin Bieber was spotted with last week, is still legally married.That's according to her mother-in-law Kim Ozuna who spoke to Celebuzz about Jordan and her son Daniel's relationship.

At 3 years old than Bieber, the waitress and wannabe model, married high school sweetheart Daniel Ozuna. His mother-in-law Kim Ozuna gave an interview yesterday (25th June) stating Jordan was still married to her son Daniel who is currently away serving with the Coast Guard. 

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber at Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, New York 2012

However, Jordan's mother-in-law does state that the couple have "been separated a good year" and, evidently extremely concerned with her son's relationship that "They're probably in the process of getting divorced". Although, in a display of brilliant parenting skills, she could not say for sure. 

Kim claimed Jordan was living in Las Vegas in the hopes of "getting into the modelling business". Her desire to be in front of the camera was sated last weekend (June 16th) when E! caught Bieber and Jordan indulging in some heavy petting in the waiting room for indoor sky diving. 

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber performing in Liverpool, UK on his last tour. 

Previously Jordan "had worked at Hooters and done a couple commercials" but that's the extent her career spans. Hooters is a chain of restaurants reknowned for employeeing pretty young waitresses who wear, rather miniscule, orange hot pants and t-shirts reading 'Hooters' across, well, their 'hooters'. 


Bieber and his entourage have been banned with the indoor sky-diving premises following their evidently appalling behaviour. Considering Bieber is a pop sensation his generally poor attitude must really have sunken to a whole new level of dismal for the company to take such drastic steps. 

Justin Bieber Fans
The reaction of fans waiting to see Bieber in the Netherlands.