Justin Bieber recently threw a memorable house party at his LA home on Friday (Nov 15th).

The event was attended by 100+ partygoers but in order to get in, the 19 year-old made each attendee sign a contract stating they won't brag about what happened inside his luxury pad.

TMZ reported, the fine for violating the gag order was a hefty $3 million.

The agreement, which workers even had to sign, lists that you may not share or indulge any information by tweeting, text, phone, write, record, Facebook or any other method of revealing what went on.

The party did seem to be a lively one from the outside as LA cops were called out to the property three times for noise complaints made by disgruntled neighbours, the police allegedly claimed a strong smell of marijuana was coming from the house.

Eventually, it was reported that, the authorities have filed a disturbing the peace claim against the 'Love Me' singer.

However, the contract didn't stop some attendees from unveiling what went on behind closed doors.

TMZ also reports, inside sources, who got into the party, told the gossip site that is was filled with naked women and his celebrity friends, Chris Brown and Floyd Mayweather, were there to enjoy the view.

The report states there were "at least 20 'big booty' strippers there", and for the girls who were clothed, it didn't take long before they joined in on the fun and stripped down.

T.I., Trey Songz, and Snoop were also enjoying the festivities.

Sounds like Bieber held a party that is every mans dream!

Justin Bieber
Bieber definately put on one hell of a party

Snoop Lion
Snoop Lion was even reportedly in attendance