Bad news for Justin Bieber again, as the legal troubles keep mounting up - this time involving his ferrari being pulled over by cops after he'd loaned it out to a friend.

Biebz had kindly offered his friend, rapper Lil Za (we've never heard of him either), the use of his car last week but ended up getting pulled by cops because of its tinted windows. As TMZ report, the rapper was pulled at around 1.30 am and was driving without a license. Police then took him back to the cop car and whilst it looked as though he would face charges for his pretty major driving offence, he got off with a citation and a slap on the wrist.

Last month, another of Bieber's friends, rapper Lil Twist (nope, still don't know) was pulled over while taking the same car for a ride and was cited for speeding. Whoever they may be, Za and Twist are proving to be pretty bad influences on the singer, after he was snapped smoking a blunt with each of the rappers at separate incidents. Looks like someone really wants to shake off their good boy image. What will all the die hard fans think now?