Justin Bieber's father was with him when he was arrested.

The 'Heartbreaker' hitmaker's dad Jeremy Bieber, 38, was reportedly among the 19-year-old star's entourage when he was taken into police custody and charged with drink driving, resisting arrest and drag racing in Miami, Florida this morning (23.01.14).

A source told the MailOnline website: ''Jeremy was in an SUV next to Justin when the cops turned up. It's fair to say Jeremy is not a great influence - he certainly enjoys and takes advantage of his son's money and lifestyle.

''Justin's manager Scooter (Braun) has been trying to get Justin help for the past two weeks, but no-one's helping.

''Of course people care about Justin, but we are in a very difficult situation.''

Jeremy also allegedly partied with his son and rapper friend Khalil, who was also arrested, at a nightclub hours before the incident.

According to reports, the Canadian star's entourage used their cars to block traffic on Pine Tree Drive at 26th Street, near the Miami Beach Hebrew Academy, so Justin could race his rented yellow Lamborghini.

Speaking at a press conference, Miami Beach Police Chief Raymond Martinez said: ''During the arrest Mr. Bieber made statements that he had consumed alcohol and had been smoking marijuana and had consumed prescription medication.''

Earlier this week Justin's mother Pattie Mallette, who split from Jeremy when the singer was 10 months old, urged fans to pray for her son and insisted fame was to blame for his behavioural issues and wild antics.

She said: ''I think so many people go into the entertainment industry with amazing Christian roots and they go in with the right morals and they get influenced somehow.

''I ask that people keep me and Justin in their minds. I pray for him every day.''