Justin Bieber's bodyguard has been jailed for taking a camera from a photographer.

Hugo Hesny, 33, pleaded no contest to two misdemeanour counts of disorderly conduct after agreeing a plea deal over March 2014's felony charges of robbery and entering a vehicle.

Fulton County Superior Court Judge Ural Glanville ordered him to serve 45 days in jail and 22 months and 15 days on probation, as well as to perform 200 hours of community service, but under the terms of Georgia's first offence statute, once his sentence is complete, it won't be listed as a conviction.

Photographer Jason Winslow had told police he was trying to shoot photos of the 'Never Say Never' singer outside an arcade in Sandy Springs, Georgia when the bodyguard chased him, opened the door of his vehicle and took the camera.

The minder initially told police he hadn't taken the camera, but it was later found in a car used by Justin's entourage. Hesny then claimed he only took it to delete photos taken outside the arcade.

In June 2013, Hesny was accused of grabbing a photographer by the neck and pushing him outside a recording studio in Miami, Florida.