Justin Bieber has no plans to release a male fragrance because he is more interested in how girls smell.

The 'Baby' singer's debut perfume Someday is for females and although he is not opposed to working on a scent for guys, he thinks it was "smarter" to work on a feminine fragrance because guys always notice when the opposite sex smells good.

He told ET Canada: "I'm not opposed to [working on a male fragrance] but I'm more into how females smell.

"Guys are the people smelling the perfume on the girls. It's not the other girls . so I think that's the smarter thing."

Justin is so happy with Someday - which he was "100 per cent involved in" - he hopes his fans will wear it when they come to his personal appearances.

He explained: "If I was at a meet-and-greet and smelled this on a certain someone, then I would be like, 'Wow, that smells really good.' "

Justin also revealed Someday was inspired by achieving your dreams which is why the accompanying commercial features actress Dree Hemingway portraying a fan whose ambition is to meet him.

He explained to People magazine: "It explains a dream. Someday I will Drive A BMW. Someday I will be an astronaut.

"In the commercial, [co-star Dree's] someday was meeting me. So when she sprayed on the perfume, I appeared in the room and we floated off into this place . that's what I perceive it as."